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The Growler – A Documentary

  The Growler is a truly majestic animal. Here it is, in all of its glory. Witness the tall, sleek features; the shimmering glass, the smooth, curved body, the squat, thick neck. The Growler is the apex beer predator. It’s chestnut brown colour gives it the perfect camouflage against the common table, while its darkness disguises the rich, bold flavours it holds inside. The magnificen...

Tasting Rooms Featuring North Shore Breweries

The B.C. craft beer renaissance has taken hold in North Vancouver. If you love tasting new craft beers, visit Vancouver's North Shore where you will find a growing number of nanobreweries and microbreweries offering unique and delicious craft beers. You can taste a few samples and purchase the beer on-site in most locations. Watch the entire video (also featuring us)

Central City Summer Cask Festival June 20th!

Click here for more information: Central City’s Summer Cask Festival is returning once again and this year we are including a few ciders for even more variety. On June 20th, come enjoy delicious food, a great selection of casks and good music all held at Central City Brewpub, Surrey BC.  What’s more, our patio will be open for some extra elbow room! Come along and mingle with brewmaste...

Host a Craft Beer Tasting at Home – Tips for the perfect party!

What could be better than sharing an evening with friends tasting and discovering all of the tastes and flavours that our new craft brews have to offer? Watch this fantastic video on how to do your party up right and check out our bottles for food pairing suggestions that will help you host the perfect evening!

Flavour Profiles – Learn what to expect from different beers

Craft beer has been experiencing a renaissance for quite some time now. And while we certainly aren't complaining about this, there's one issue that keeps coming up. Every day there are more and more beer options at the store. This is fun and exciting for beer lovers, but it's making it harder and harder to know which beer to choose (not exactly the worst problem to have, we know). This is espe...

What’s on Tap? – Check out our Tasting Room

Check out our Tasting Room! Stainless steel and wood barrels, beautiful brews! Deep Cove will feature an intimate 10-person tasting lounge in its brand new warehouse-style facility along with a 8,000 hectolitre brewery and distillery. Current Beers on tap Click Here: