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USA Today’s 10 Best Vancouver Brew Pubs and Microbreweries Feature

We are tickled pink to have been featured in USA Today's 10 Best for Vancouver Brew Pubs and Microbreweries! Here's what they had to say about us: "Located in the charming Deep Cove community on the North Shore, Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers is a gem. While the vast majority of breweries around the city focus on just beer, these guys bring a solid beer and spirit game. On tap, you'll find ov...


DCBD Voted Best Craft Brewery, 2017 Readers Choice Awards

You came, tasted, experienced and listened to the very best things that Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers had to offer this year. And now you’ve spoken. Over 5,000 of you cast votes, putting forward the names of people, places, restaurants, businesses, breweries and retailers you thought absolutely killed it this year. And Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers was one of them. We are So happy to win t...


Robust restaurant menu surprises at Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

The ultimate in hipsterdom is to claim to have liked something way before it became popular. Bands, brands, eats, treats, booze, shoes: if you got there first, your street cred rises. I feel a bit hipster about Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers. OK, so maybe the place opened to an eager crowd and was, arguably, popular since day one. But I was there very, very early on nevertheless, back ...

Art of Craft Beer on Canada’s West Coast

Check out this new video by West Coast Food on the Art of Craft Beer on Canada’s West Coast and discover why the West Coast is the best region in Canada to drink craft beer. The video features DCBD along with other local breweries. West Coast Food


The Growler – A Documentary

  The Growler is a truly majestic animal. Here it is, in all of its glory. Witness the tall, sleek features; the shimmering glass, the smooth, curved body, the squat, thick neck. The Growler is the apex beer predator. It’s chestnut brown colour gives it the perfect camouflage against the common table, while its darkness disguises the rich, bold flavours it holds inside. The magnificen...

Tasting Rooms Featuring North Shore Breweries

The B.C. craft beer renaissance has taken hold in North Vancouver. If you love tasting new craft beers, visit Vancouver's North Shore where you will find a growing number of nanobreweries and microbreweries offering unique and delicious craft beers. You can taste a few samples and purchase the beer on-site in most locations. Watch the entire video (also featuring us)

Make Your Mark : Photo Contest

We love our Growlers they really are the perfect product to take hand-crafted, freshly made, local craft beer home. So how cool would it be if you could take a Deep Cove Brewers + Distillers growler with an image that you took home to your friends and family? Make Your Mark! Share your favourite picture of the North Shore with us, and that image will instantly be entered into our growler ph...



We love our Deep Cove community, and try to give back to the wonderful people who support us as often as we can. That is why we love hosting exciting initiatives and contests that engage our loyal and fantastic patrons. In the spirit of our past, and with an eye towards an exciting future, we’re pleased to announce the ‘Deep Cove Hunt for Hops’. We’ve rebranded your favourite DCBD beers...

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Our Lounge Is Now Open!

It’s been a long time in the making - but finally, we’re proud to announce that our lounge is ready for you to enjoy! After tons of planning, working with the city, and good old fashioned handi-work, we’ve completed our new brewery lounge space, and it's open to the public. This means that there are no more limits on the amount of Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers product you purchase an...


#Hunt4DCBD Booty Starts this Saturday (Oct 17th, 2015)

Yarrr, don’t ye be forgettin’ about the hunt for our booty, comin’ up on this fine weekend! We be handing out yer clues on Saturday at 1PM… but if ye be lookin’ for a head-start, there arrrr two ways ye can do it! Send us something called yer ‘e-mail address’ via direct message or comment below, and you’ll receive a head starrrt on yer first clue. Not wanting us to plunder yer a...